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Spring Bridal Shower Ideas

An exciting pre-wedding celebration that leads you up to your wedding day is the wedding or bridal shower. This event is usually hosted by an aunt or close family friend - typically, someone other than the mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the-groom. Culturally speaking, the wedding shower is one of the first times the two families get together to celebrate their families merging as one. Often filled with yummy treats, games and celebratory toasts, the occasion is really a time for the families to connect and create unforgettable memories together.

A theme we absolutely love for a bridal/wedding shower is the charming tea party concept. The soft pastel colours that can be incorporated into the occasion are truly delicate and darling. Pinks, whites and creams often paint this kind of delicately designed event. Picture this: a long rectangular table set with bone-white china plates, soft pink tablecloth, sprinkled with gold touches and blooms in shades of pink hues. Carefully placed around the table are the classy and refined Chiavari chairs.

One of the many versatile qualities of the Chiavari chair is the infinite styles you can do to dress the chairs up or the ability to tie them in with your theme.

A simple soft pink ribbon weaved through the top of the Chiavari chair or a simple bow fastened on it, will no doubt add elegance and grace you are looking for. Another option is to tie a handful of pastel coloured ribbons across the back measuring the length of the chair. The ribbons will fly loosely in the wind and create a whimsical feel – ideal for a tea party!

A third option would be to go with the very popular spring 2018 trend, the floral look. Tea parties can be set indoor or outdoor, often in gardens so adding some blooms to the backs of the chairs would be exquisitely suitable. In continuing with the soft pastels and pink hue theme, securing a seasonal flower such as a peony rose or ranunculus combined with baby’s breath to the top corner of the chair or centred in the middle gracefully adds a feminine and chic look – not to mention the bonus phenomenal floral fragrances!

Dressing up simple and stylish furniture is sure to give an event like a wedding/bridal shower just that extra touch of something special. A lot of our ideas are simple and can be DIY! Be sure to consider the teacups, saucers, petit-fours, fascinators, and florals.

We would love to hear how you chose to decorate your bridal shower in the comment section below.


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