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Donut Display Wall: A sweet treat

We recently stumbled upon the (w)hole 'donut display wall' concept and instantly fell in love with how sweet it is. The donut display wall is exactly what it's name sounds like - a wall of donuts! It is a fun and whimsical alternative to the dessert bars and candy tables. It is also quite versatile for a variety of events - a sweet wedding reception, a child's birthday party or just because!

Donut Wall Rental - Over the Moon Wedding & Event Rentals

After some research, we decided that we wanted to incorporate this delicious party piece into our inventory. And so, production began. We opted to include 2 shelves onto our donut wall to allow guests the option of piling other yummy dessert treats onto the provided cake platters. Next, we created the donut racks. Our donut racks are long enough to double up the donuts on each peg to allow you to display more donuts. With just the pegs alone, our wall can carry up to 60 donuts (not including the cake platters)!

The ultimate goal was to be able to make this wall free standing so that customers didn't have to worry about leaning it up against something sturdy or anchoring it to a wall. So, with a bit of creativity, we created little feet to support the wall to safely stand on it's own - free standing!

Finally, we added the little touches to tie the look together. Simple, sweet roses with some greenery livened up the wall while keeping it dainty and uncluttered because after all, the donuts are the main show!

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